Research and describe Wells Fargo, applying the course concepts

Read the background article:

Tayan, B. (2019).  The Wells Fargo Cross-Selling Scandal Stanford Business: Stanford, CA.

When employees and managers act unethically, the consequences often have serious implications. In 2016, the news broke that some employees of Wells Fargo & Company were creating fake bank and credit card accounts in the name of customers but without their knowledge, to increase profits. This unethical behavior damaged Wells Fargo’s reputation and profits, and it had legal implications, as well. In this assignment, you will analyze the background article provided and develop recommendations for preventing unethical behavior within organizations.

Part One: Describe Wells Fargo (one page)

Research and describe Wells Fargo, applying the course concepts. You should support your main ideas with examples, further explanations, and/or other evidence. Be sure to address the following:

· Describe the organization’s structure.

· Describe the organization’s culture.

Part Two: Analyze the Roles of Structure and Culture in Ethical Behavior (two pages) 

Research and analyze the role the structure and culture of Wells Fargo played in allowing unethical behavior to occur. You should support your main ideas with evidence, integrating supporting evidence from past research when possible. Be sure to address the following:

· What does the research literature suggest regarding the effects of culture on ethical behavior in organizations?

· Provide an analysis of key factors of Wells Fargo’s structure and culture that could have contributed to the unethical behavior.

· Discuss any aspects of Wells Fargo’s structure that should have theoretically reduced the likelihood of this unethical behavior at Wells Fargo. Analyze reasons why employees still chose to act unethically.

Part Three: Present Recommendations (two pages)

Review your course readings and external research discussing best practices for establishing and maintaining an ethical organization. Analyze the limitations of these best practices. Present recommendations for Wells Fargo. You should address the following:

· What does the current research suggest regarding creating an ethical organization?

· Evaluate the effectiveness measures for ensuring ethical compliance. What are the limitations to these interventions and best practices (e.g., are there instances in which these would not prevent unethical behaviors? Are there other factors that affect ethical behavior in organizations?

· Provide three specific recommendations that you would give to Wells Fargo leadership for establishing an ethical organization? Provide explanations and evidence to support your recommendations.