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ASSESSMENT TITLEAssessment 2: Research Report
DUE DATE06/01/2020
LECTURER NAMEDr. Zilmiyah Kamble
TUTOR NAMEMs. Virginia Wu
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Assessment 2: Marina Bay Sands Hotel Report

Thiri Soe Han (13728663)

Aanchal Bhagwan Gidwani (13672070)

Khaing Su Pyae (13728133)

Location: 10 Bayfront Avenue Singapore 018956

Contact us: +65 66888888


James Cook University

Lecture: Dr. Zilmiyah Kamble

Tutor: Ms. Virginia Wu

BX 2195: Hospitality, Cultures and People

Bachelor of Business

06 Jan 2020.



This examination has been done for mirroring the primary issue that is being looked at by the association. Marina Bay Sands has been chosen for this exploration venture. The association is confronting the issue of the low inspiration and occupation fulfillment among the workers. So, the exploration has been directed for conquering the issues and proposing the suggestions to the Marina Bay Sands. The examination will be trailed by the survey of the different writing and the scholastic diary papers. The fundamental consequences of the exploration will concentrate on the proposals of the high inspiration and expanded occupation fulfillment with the different techniques.


In every hospitality industry, there have been the problems generally occurred by the employees and these consequences have directly affected the organization especially in Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Hotel. The main purpose of this report is to identify about the issues normally faced in MBS. Nowadays, MBS is typically challenging low job satisfaction and employee motivation, due to weak in leadership skills in the organization. The result will provide to get insights at future study on employee motivation whereby the necessary at MBS hotel. Ultimately, the report will convey with the analysis of hotel’s background, literature review, discussions and recommendations.

 Figure (1.1) Marina Bay Sands Hotel


According to this report, it’s realized that issues can affect the hotel’s employees with negative impact such as insufficient salary or wages, job security, poor training program, lack of leadership skills and new opportunities but “not developing) (Cheng & Brown, 1998; Wong et al., 1999; Zhang & Wu, 2004). Consequently, hotel’s employees have the issues in their working environment such as working hours and social status within the organization (Karatepe & Uludağ, 2007). Therefore, most of the five-star hotels conduct different researches and analysis by many researchers in order to determine what kind of factors are influencing to become the employee motivation and job satisfaction with positive way.

Karatepe & Uludağ, 2006 mentioned that employees are the main assets in the hotel industry as they are providing a service to the guests. Meanwhile job satisfaction and employees’ motivation can positively impact on this industry due to employees’ performance. At the same way, the employees’ motivation and job satisfaction are quite influencing on the wages, future benefits and security, job opportunities and culture of training program (Cheng and Brown, (1998)). Hackman and Oldham (1980) clearly illustrated that the boundary of employees’ motivation is rely on the intrinsic (internal) motivation which mean the job performance is based on personal feelings. Simultaneously, the boundary of job satisfaction depends on both intrinsic and extrinsic (external) motivation as drive as environmental incentives or bonus rewards (Kinnam and Kinnam (2001)). Job satisfaction is basically measure on the employees’ expectations and realities according to Jung et al., (2007). Those with low job satisfaction level are frustrated and upset employees. An individual employee’s age group, gender, educational and cultural background make a variety of different expectations and realities.

According to Spector (1997), job satisfactory gauges include appreciation, pay and promotion, personal growth, supervision, security, co-workers and the organization, job scope and work environment. Nevertheless, appreciation and responsibility were investigated as the main component of impacting employees’ job satisfaction and motivation in five-star hotel business in Antalya Region (Ross, D. l., (2005)), and then (Aksu, A.A, (2005)) reported the factor of employees’ motivation as following; cooperation and social communication, development and training program, rewards and other incentive, responsibility and appreciation.

In fact, MBS hotel has been facing with the issues of not only low job satisfaction, but also low employees’ motivation. Thus, we investigated about these problems by observing employees’ feedbacks, reviews and insights. In MBS hotel, the reviews we realized that most employees are facing the problems of the massive workload, unbalance between work and social life and lack of proper communication in organization’s department. Even though the employee faced with these issues, the managers and respective head of departments and managers ignored them to facilitate the issues mentioned about. Kuvass, et al., (2018) found the most of five-star hotels need to prepare the organizational cultural charts, policies in order to well-being at long-term goals. Ashmos and Duchon (2000) emphasizes employees with strong mental and spiritual control seek to look for purpose and meaning in their job scopes, an aspiration to be part of the community. Hence, those employees aim for a higher perspective in personal growth and social development. Therefore, this research analyzes some of the major limitations and gaps between the employee’s satisfaction and motivation by the organization.


Marina Bay Sands is the hotel before the Marina Bay in Singapore. The property has been charged as the costliest property for the independent gambling club on the planet. It is one among the triumphant recommendations for the primary incorporated hotel for Singapore. It is situated in the Bayfront Subzone, Downtown Core, and Singapore. It is a five-star luxury hotel that offers the best of universal and nearby cooking styles in a single feasting goal. The authoritative structure of the lodging pursues the small-time possession and distinctive practical division for playing out their capacities. The individuals of the lodging are exceptional and effective in the introduction and are capable of serving the requirements of the clients (Singapore by, 2018). Client commitment in the hotel business has been developed and it is accepting consideration from the specialist organizations. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore offers an assortment of the unwaveringly programs. The opening date of MBS is 27 April 2010; 9 years ago (soft opening) 23 June 2010; 9 years ago (official opening) 17 February 2011; 8 years ago (grand opening) the number. of rooms in MBS are 2,561.The retreat incorporates a 2,561-room lodging, a 120,000-square-meter (1,300,000 sq. ft) show display focus, the 74,000-square-meter (800,000 sq. ft) The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands shopping center, a gallery, two huge theaters, “superstar gourmet specialist” cafés, two gliding Crystal Pavilions, workmanship science displays, and the world’s biggest chamber gambling club with 500 tables and 1,600 space machines. The complex is bested by a 340-meter-long (1,120 ft) SkyPark with a limit of 3,900 individuals and a 150 m (490 ft) unendingly pool, set large and in charge biggest open cantilevered stage, which overhangs the north tower by 67 m (220 ft).[4][5] The 20-hectare resort was planned by Moshe Safdie engineers.

Figure (1.2) Marina Bay Sands Hotel’s Background



The Marina Bay Hotel has been confronting the issue of the low occupation fulfillment and the worker inspiration among the representatives. In this manner the investigation has been accomplished for the appraisal of the issue looked by the representatives in the association. There is a low degree of the inspiration and motivation among the workers of the Hotel. The idea of the worker inspiration must be embraced by the association for improving their inspiration level and the high employment fulfillment (Kauppila, 2018). Inspiration is the wants and needs that cause the individuals to carry on with a certain goal in mind. It is the degree of the vitality that makes the individuals and workers take the activities. A representative with the high inspiration will do phenomenal work and will do the difficult work. Despite it, unmotivated individuals will do average work and requires an incredible exertion and tome of the administrators for the fruition of the errands. There are different ideas of the inspiration that ought to be received for the representative high occupation fulfillment and inspiration (Marthouretand Sigvardsson, 2016). The first is the inspiration with the assistance of dread. It is the sorted-out method for utilizing the dangers, intimidation and the discipline for the upgrading the degree of inspiration among the workers. Carrot and stick technique are another inspiration strategy that joins impetus prize with dread for the great execution. It requires the consistent application. Disciplines and the prizes lead to the opposition and the disdain. Maslow progressive system hypothesis of the inspiration is the best strategy for improving the activity fulfillment and the inspiration level for the representatives. This can help in evaluating the manner in which the representatives act at work and clarifies the distinction in the individuals because of their various needs and the purpose behind reacting to the representatives for the particular things. Frederick cleanliness hypothesis of the inspiration ought to be applied in the lodging that will keep up the cleanliness factors for the decrease in the disappointment and for persuading the administrators and the staff for giving the chances to development and accomplishment. The variables that lead to the high employment fulfillment and inspiration are the acknowledgment, accomplishment, duty, progression and development (Pan, 2015).The positive work atmosphere can be worked for the representatives with the goal that they have the feeling of the inspiration and the activity fulfillment. Stun has proposed the ways for the structure of the positive atmosphere for the work. The representatives should know their successful

crucial, and objectives explanations. The voice of the representatives ought to tune in to everybody (Lu, et al. 2016).

Another issue faced by Marina Bay Hotel is that the employees have low job satisfaction. Job satisfaction or employee satisfaction is the feeling of pleasure and achievement that the employee experience in job to the degree to which the job is worth doing (Cambridge Dictionary, 2019). It is also one of the key factors for the HR personnel related to what the individual employee are feeling about their jobs since high job satisfaction leads to lower turnover rate, higher productivity, increased profits and loyalty. Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory can be applied for job satisfaction. According to the theory, improving hygiene factors such as working conditions, base wage and salary decreases the job dissatisfaction while improving motivator factors such as achievement, responsibility and recognition increases job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is impacted by how it respects employees, how creditable the senior management is and how good work environment is (Bathena, 2018). It is important to seek flexibility in the tourism workplace as it helps the employees to balance their life and work. Workplace conditions related with good labor, wages and hours, health and safety, management system and environment should be offered to the employees. Training and development are also important to be applied. They can improve the work performance of the employees, reduce turnover and attract good workers. Empowerment plays an important factor as it includes delegation of the responsibility, authority and accountability from senior management to the employees. It includes practice of sharing information, rewards and power so that the employees can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve work performance (Business Dictionary, 2018). Therefore, the front-line employees have confidence and high motivation since they are trusted by the senior management. This helps to build good relationship between employees and senior management. Empowerment contributes to the employees’ job satisfaction. In soft HRM, employees are regarded as important assets of the business. Thus, it is important to have Human Resource Management Department to manage and direct the employees.


Figure (1.3) Marina Bay Sands Hotel’s Employees


Employees’ motivation and job satisfaction are important factors for every business to gain achievements and goals. Therefore, senior management is responsible for providing employees with high job satisfaction and motivation. In this case, Marina Bay Hotel ought to find ways to increase employees’ job satisfaction and motivation. In Marina Bay Hotel, the employees are faced with massive workload, unbalance between work and social life and lack of proper communication with department. The senior management of MBH should provide positive workplace condition to the employees where the works are fairly divided. They should reward the employees with benefits for their hard work. They should offer employees flexibility which is the workplace practice that benefits both the organization and employees. Training and development should be offered to the employees so that they can enhance their performance. Providing workshops among the employees across different departments helps them to be close with each other, improving the teamwork. They should practice Total Quality Management system since it involves all employees to participate in improving leadership skills, problem solving skills and work performance. Therefore, they can improve communication among the organization. Job satisfaction can be increased by recognition and trust from the senior management. They should give feedback to employees about their performance. They should use various motivation theories to improve the employees’ motivation. They should create a healthy corporate culture where they value each employee in the organization by sharing values, attitudes and beliefs. This contributes to work as a team to fulfill the organization’s vision and mission statement. The HRM department should supervise the employees with monthly feedback forms to know what problems the employees are facing within the organization. Thus, the HRM can manage and direct employees by providing safety, benefits, wellness, training and others to help the employees with the can improve the employees’ motivation and job satisfaction.


Figure (1.4) Employees motivation


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